The organic red rice is produced by a community living in the heart of the Anjozorobe-Angavo Protected Area, and involved in its conservation. It is dried in the open air under very strict conditions.
The sorting is done carefully by hand and packaged by the Mangamila Women's Association.
Part of the profits generated by the sale of this product is allocated to financing development activities such as the construction of hospitals, schools, etc.
Rice is the staple food of the Malagasy: red rice or rojomena was a "very distinguished" commodity that the kings and queens of Madagascar reserved for their most prestigious guests. Madagascar red rice is an old variety, also called “vary mena”. Considered an indigenous variety, born from a cross between rice of Japanese origin and African wild rice, red rice is rich in vitamins, sweet and very fragrant, with a nutty flavor: it is often consumed by Malagasy people in soup at breakfast plain or mixed with green leaves. It is very nutritious and recommended for children, the elderly and the sick for its restorative properties...
Poids net: 500g
Organic Red Rice - Vary Mena

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