This bar seduced the judges at the most demanding chocolate contests. It delivers power and a rare fruity taste without artifice and without amertume.

No added sugar, high fibre, no chemical processing. Raise Trade label.

  • Taste - Dark chocolate with notes of fruit raison/citrus flavours of the fine cocoa and low bitterness. Smooth melting, fine texture and long finish.
  • Colour - Light brown/red 
  • Fine Cocoa origin - Sambirano,  north west Madagascar
  • Freshly crafted in Madagascar
  • One ingredient only  NO ADDED SUGAR
  • No vanilla or other added flavours.
  • No chemical processing 
  • No alkalisation
  • Vegan and Vegetarian

Awards: 2017 Golden Bean Winner - Academy of Chocolate, 2017 Gold - Academy of Chocolate

Ingredients: Fine Madagascar cocoa beans. Cocoa solids 100% minimum.

Fine Dark Chocolate tablet 100% Cocoa

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