16900 19900

250g of whole bourbon vanilla beans with the gourmet grade ( high rate of vanillin and 14+cm in length ). 

The bourbon vanilla of our producers is cultivated in the peripheral villages of the Loky Manambato Protected Area located in the north-east of Madagascar, by men and women involved and committed to fair trade.

Our products are fully traceable and come from a responsible and environmentally friendly sourcing.

Net weight: 250g

Vanilla pods are one of the most expensive spices so it is useful to learn how to correctly remove the seeds with minimum waste.

  1. Take one vanilla pod and a small sharp knife, slice down the centre of the pod
  2. Gently remove the seeds by running your knife along the edge.
  3. Make sure not to drag the knife too firmly as this will remove the woody elements.

Don't throw away the empty pods; they can be used to make vanilla sugar or to infuse milk for ice cream.


Madagascar gourmet bourbon vanilla beans - 250g
16900 19900

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